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Although our company is still relatively young (it was founded in October 2008), we have brought together experts with extensive design and building experience in the small boat manufacturing industry under the F-RIB trademark. It is no coincidence that our experts focused on the popularization and design of RIB boats.



A450L, A500L

ATLANTIS A450L and A500L are medium size aluminium hull RIBs with an open cockpit and a nice selection of consoles. If you are looking for something spacious, light and easy to handle with exceptional performance, then these will be your best choice. Both models are great as a family boat, for watersports, fishing or even using as a coach or rescue boat for yacht clubs or professionals. Both models come with C-04 steering console and S-03 double seat. The steering console features a high profile windshield and railing, high enough to drive standingand to protect the driver from the wind. Folding seat back makes the rear cockpit area easily accessible and more useful.


SPRINTER slatted deck dinghies are the best of the classics: streamlined, sleek, and elegant with forefront engineering. The optimal choice for its versatility, it is a portable, light, and competitively priced boat. The best choice for a sail or powerboat dinghy, a boat for the children, or the beginner’s first in discovering the great adventure and camaraderie that is the boating community.There are 4 models ranging from 7 ft. to 10 ft. long, each taking around 5 minutes to assemble, and are easy to store. The slatted deck is simple to use, requires no maintenance, and is comfortably stable for all on board. Nice seating with a sliding installation system allow for the opportunity to rearrange the cockpit space in seconds, no matter if you are on the water, deck, or davits!.

Boats in stock

Large selection of high quality inflatable boats.

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A wide range of models

From sport boats to fishing and leisure boats

Professional consultation

We provide detailed consultations and assistance in choosing the right model

Manufacturer's guarantee

A manufacturer’s warranty of at least 3 years is provided for all products

Service maintenance

We will help to resolve service maintenance issues during the warranty period and beyond

Attractive prices

We offer high-quality boats at affordable prices


We provide delivery within 2 days from the moment of payment of the order


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